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MimoCare – Creating a safer environment for independent living”

The Internet of Things opens up exciting new possibilities.

With advanced ideas that go way beyond the existing alarm call technology.

Families can participate, carers and management have faster up to the minute information about a residents well being. It also removes the need for the elderly to call for their own help.

Most importantly, it paves the way for exciting new developments such as predictive care, trending and more.


With new Internet of Things sensor technology, MimoCare creates a protective environment around the home.

You don’t notice it, it just blends into the surroundings

Smart software logs elders daily routines and watches out for variations

It alerts family or Carers by SMS to a potential situation that needs checking.

But MimoCare offers a lot more besides… fall alerts, trending health issues, home care warnings….

Welcome to MimoCare…..