MimoCare and MimoConnect are two advanced new products based on internet technology. They are next generation innovative solutions to the modern day issues of care of the elderly and vulnerable

They provide new ways to facilitate  independent living, enabling those in need to stay in their own home and enjoy a protective and care driven environment.  Transition care from Hospital to Home, access to clinicians and social services care, are also important issues today. That demands technology that can live up to that need.

Provision must also be made for those with Dementia or Learning Disabilities. Care assessments need to be done. All these needs are dependent on a personalised care monitoring and alerting  system being in place.


MimoCare assistive technology provides a means of monitoring the environment of the person, not the person themselves. Daily routines can be monitored and smart software identifies any changes. A swift SMS alert to a carer or family member can initiate help and assistance.



Social connection is as important as welfare. The unique MimoConnect product enables that all important private family connection, for reminders, past memories be they photos, videos, e-books, music and more. Connect Face2Face enables comforting video chat via a clear, simple interface. Carers and General Practitioners can also keep in professional contact.


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"On a personal level it has been a great source of comfort to be able to 'keep an eye' on mum especially of late following her latest stay in hospital. She is much weakened and really does rely on support from us and the carers. It does enable us to monitor the carer visits. In fact, one morning visit (essential) was missed. I was able to go over and sort her out.

I appreciate that it is designed to be an alerting system, but I think that it has proved to have further usefulness when the subject requires more constant attention.

For me the Rolling View has been more than useful. My one criticism is that I've come to rely on it!!!"

- Jan N, Swindon

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