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Eight Standouts for MimoCare

1 Innovation and looking ahead.....more

Innovation in what we can see as the future. Predictive care, trend reporting. These are new concepts not done before but providing much needed insight for care and prevention

2. MimoCare analyses and plots trends....more

Mimocare collects quality data which enables trend analysis. Predictive care if you like. If you cannot measure it , you cannot improve it. Acting on that information can give warning of UTIs, lack of activity, mealtime irregularities, poor sleep patterns. Potential to pre-empt hospitalisation


3. MimoCare can link in to big Data analytics....more.

Mimocare is small data but lots of Mimos can talk to analytics for demographics etc.;See Cascade3 Ltd ;

4. MimoCare has an extensive range of alerts,....more

Domestic issues such like fridge left open, cooker left on right through to precautionary  alerts such as bed unoccupied during night. Falls warnings are the top level emergency alert. Call us for more details

5. MimoCare has a central console for admin staff and carers...more

In a multiple site environment mimoCare provides a console which logs and reports on the Mimo sites in that organisation. Quick views of Alerts means a faster reaction. Console allows a drill down to view the individuals Daily Activity view to analyse the situation Enables major time savings for staff doing the rounds with manual checks

6. We are always adding new sensors to suit a particular request. We do not rely solely on motion sensors. Just ask us…….

7. Mimocare product is future proofed and open to further expansion and features

8. With all events and actions being time and date stamped, you have full accountability going back. Vital info for accidents and incidents

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