Why Technology is critical for the future of aged care.

Australia’s population is ageing—the latest population projections by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that by 2064 there will be 9.6 million people aged 65 and over and 1.9 million aged 85 and over, constituting 23% and 5% of Australia’s projected... Read more

Is technology the curse of activity?

We all get more frail as we age. But frailty is happening earlier. Frailty beckons but why?
The cause is almost certainly due to technology. Technology which is allowing us to do more but with little or no effort on our part.
How do we control it? Interestingly, technology itself can help to minimise the effects

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It started as an idea……

“ Creating a new product that does something new and out of the ordinary, is not something you dream up or find by scanning the latest publications for new ideas. The first company came about by accident, spawning a radical new product concept for the leisure booking... Read more

Lots of buzzwords but potential positive outcomes

The pace of technology deployment  over last five years has been phenomenal but all to the good. It is very difficult to draw lines between developments. The buzzwords we have seen bandied around have been confusing but they fall into three main areas. The Buzzwords?... Read more

MimoCare UK Innovation Centre

MimoCare is an advanced monitoring system for safeguarding the wellbeing of elderly and vulnerable whether under professional care or living independently at home. Demand for this type of advanced technology is worldwide, not the least in the UK. With a view to... Read more